2016 – 2017 Team


Hi, I’m Noah Bezaire – one of your Co-Presidents for UWaterloo IISE. This is my first time on the executive team, but I bring experience from a wide variety of other student teams. aaeaaqaaaaaaaav3aaaajgm4njq1mmvkltjiyzctngezzi1hmwuxltc1mdcxmdbkmzljyqLast year, I was a part of IIE through the Waterloo IIE 2016 Conference planning team where I was both the Competitions and Workshop lead as well as the Sponsorship Director. Prior to that, I also attended the 2015 ETS Regional Conference and both the 2015 and 2016 International IIE Conferences in the US. I joined IISE because of its amazing people that have so much passion for the cause and it has undoubtedly provided me with amazing professional growth opportunities. I most look forward to building off of last year’s success and aim to position UWaterloo IISE as a premiere Chapter within the IISE organization. I hope that by the time I leave my role, students can see all that IISE has to offer not only within our school, but also the vast connections within industry.


Hi, I’m Pallavi one of the Co-Presidents of UWaterloo IISE! Over the past year I had the chance to attend both the Waterloo IIE and  International IIE 2016 conferences. Both these professionalexperiences sparked my interest in what is now IISE. While this is my first time in a leadership role within IISE, I bring experience from a range of other student groups. I joined the executive team because I am passionate about Industrial and Management Engineering and wanted to help others receive the same opportunities for professional and social growth that the organization has given me thus far. I look forward to helping develop the UWaterloo IISE chapter into one of the strongest in Canada. Moreover, I hope to play a part in creating a sustainable, impactful organization while increasing awareness of field of Industrial Engineering.


profile_photoHi, I’m Leah! I’m the Administrative Director of UWaterloo IISE. Previously, I was VP Social for the chapter before we reorganized. I was also the Merchandise Coordinator for the Waterloo IIE 2016 conference in January, and attended the conference in 2015 and 2014 as a delegate. In my role I’m looking forward to helping our chapter grow and become more sustainable. I’m very excited about working with this great team of people to provide students with opportunities to develop themselves.


My name is Yash Bhamare. I am currently a 2A Mangement Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Along with having an interest in the courses that the program aaeaaqaaaaaaaayjaaaajdu4zje0odgyltviogutndazns1hyjewltliogrjztzmnthkngprovides, I also enjoy getting involved and making a difference for the students in my program. I would like the students to get the most out of their university experience as possible. I have been involved with IISE since my first year when I attended as a delegate. This experience was great for me as it allowed to meet many new people while being able to develop myself as a professional. I am currently the Operations Director and am responsible for co-managing and coordinating events run for students. I hope to bring life to the chapter by getting more people involved and bringing more success to the Management Engineering program.


Hi! I am Dhruv Gupta – your Operations Director for the B stream. I am a first time member of the UWaterloo IISE executive team. My past experience with the organization screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-11-20-21-amincludes being a part of the conference planning team for IIE 2016 run by our university. I was the Speakers Coordinator and was responsible for the recruiting speakers and hosting them as a part of our conference.My aim with my commitments to the organization is to provide all students with a foundation and opportunity to be exposed to the three pillars of IISE – academic, social and professional. My passion lies in providing all students with opportunities to learn and grow. I am grateful to be a part of a wonderful team that share the same values as mine, and a team that is committed to providing the best resources to all students. I am very enthusiastic about our organization in its infancy, and I am excited for our future and what it entails for everyone!


Hey! I’m Michelle and I’m your Marketing Director! I am a Varsity Athlete currently in my screen-shot-2016-11-26-at-11-22-05-amsecond year of studying Management Engineering and it’s my first time being part of the Executive Team. I was first exposed to IISE last year volunteering at the Wine and Cheese event and I had such a good time that it made me really want to get more involved and play a bigger role in this organization. My main goal is to spread the word of IISE to as many students as possible through any means I can to ensure that everyone has a chance to experience what I did!


Hi, my name is Patricia Hall! I am the Conference Director for the IISE National Conference patricia-websitehosted by Dalhousie in January 2017! My previous involvement with IISE has been through the conference planning team for Waterloo IIE 2016 where I was the Wine and Cheese coordinator and the 2015 conference in Montreal where I attended as a delegate. Through this role, I would like to give students in Management and Systems Design Engineering the opportunity to represent UWaterloo on the national level and build professional relationships. I really enjoy having a sense of community within the management engineering program and I would like to build upon this to make UWaterloo IISE a very successful and sustainable chapter.