Management Engineering Spotlight

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While UWaterloo IISE may still be a young organization, we are slowly establishing our own traditions. One of the more exciting annual traditions includes our trip to the IISE International Conference & Expo. This year marked our fourth consecutive year sending representatives with our during conference involvement growing at a remarkable rate.

The 2018 IISE Annual Conference took place in Orlando and hosted IISE members from across countless countries and various industries. Our student representatives were Noah Bezaire and Pallavi Hukerikar, who have between them a combined twelve annual and regional IISE Conferences.

On their Design Sprint Workshop:

“This year Pallavi and I wanted to do something different. We’ve been to the conference quite a few times now and we were looking for an opportunity to play a larger role. When one of the organizing track chairs reached out to see if we would speak, we were ecstatic.”

– Noah Bezaire

Together, Noah and Pallavi facilitated an 80-minute interactive Design Sprint Workshop focussed on applying the five phases of the Sprint process to problems the audience faced within their own IISE Chapters. The session put heavy emphasis on learning to properly define problems as well as building solutions with the end user in mind. If you’re interested in learning more about the Design Sprint process and how it works, we recommend you pick up a copy of Jake Knapp’s book, Sprint.

“A lot of times you go to these conferences and spend a few days networking and making connections but it can be hard to find concrete takeaways. We saw this as a chance to teach people some fundamental problem solving tools and techniques that they would not only apply through our workshop, but more importantly, that they would be able to implement back into their organization and in daily practices.”

– Noah Bezaire


On the Innovative Design Competition:

“The Design Competition was a great way to meet other students and work on developing and pitching a solution! This year’s theme was Engineering Entertainment, and given the broad scope, it was interesting to witness the various solutions that students developed. Overall, I had a great time working with students from various schools and was happy with how quickly we were able to put together the pitch.”

– Pallavi Hukerikar

designcomp.jpegPallavi Hukerikar became the third person from UWaterloo IISE to compete in the annual Student Innovative Design Competition. Her team, SANS, developed the idea for a Bluetooth bridge-based music queueing platform tailored for those long road trips to eliminate the endless debates over who should manage the aux cord. Working with other Industrial Engineering students from a variety of schools, the idea was good enough to lock up second place in the competition.

On Representing UWaterloo:


“Opportunities like these wouldn’t be available if it weren’t for the generous support that we have received. It’s one thing to make the trip to network and look for your next job opportunity, but for myself and Pallavi it’s so much more…

… We see it as a chance to promote the phenomenal Management Engineering program that we have at the University of Waterloo. It can be tough competing against some of these globally recognized schools, everyone knows about a Penn State or Georgia Tech.

For us, we take pride in being able to explain the differences within the strengths of our program and quite often leave the conversation with everyone amazed by our unique skill set. More often than not they’re eager to look for Management Engineers and UWaterloo graduates in their next round of hiring.”

To learn more about how you can get involved with IISE or how you can be apart of our next trip to the Annual or Regional IISE Conference, send your questions to