2016 Annual Conference

In May, four delegates from the Management Engineering Department at the University of Waterloo attended the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers (IISE) 2016 Annual Conference in Anaheim, California. The four day conference was a wonderful opportunity for our students to gain valuable information related to the Industrial and Systems Engineering field, while promoting our University and Management Engineering program with students, young professionals, and industry attendants.

During the conference, our delegates attended numerous educational sessions, spanning topics of graduate research, internships,  Six Sigma in Manufacturing, Agile vs. Scrum Teams and How to Effectively use the IEs on your team.

Two of our delegates, Diana Dickson and Noah Bezaire, gave a talk on how to host a successful conference based on the expertise they gained after holding the Canadian Region Conference at the University of Waterloo in January 2016. The audience was notably impressed by the scale and success of the conference which included speaker sessions, social events, networking opportunities, and more.

Noah Bezaire and Diana Dickson giving a talk on running a successful conference.

Diana Dickson, who also serves as the Canadian Region Representative with the IISE Student Advisory Committee, hosted the IE Executive Q&A panel on the final day of the conference.

Johnson Kan, another Waterloo delegate, took part in the Innovation Competition competition, which required teams of 3 to pitch a product to a panel of judges. Johnson and his team placed 1st for their product, ParQueen, a mobile application that allows people looking for parking spaces to temporarily rent out spaces near their location.

We also caught up with Lath Gbongbe, who competed in the Waterloo IIE 2016 Technical Paper Competition back in January where his paper “ Data Driven Improvements in Alarm Fatigue Management ” took home first place.  Lath went on to win the International competition. Congratulations Lath for showing how awesome the Canadian IISE Region truly is.

Pictured left to right: Diana Dickson (Waterloo IIE 2016 Conference Chair), Lath Gbongbe (Waterloo IIE 2016 & IIE International Technical Paper Winner), Noah Bezaire (Waterloo IIE 2016 Competition Director)

Overall, the IISE Annual Conference was a great experience for the delegates, allowing them to expand their knowledge and networks but also solidify existing relationships for the University of Waterloo. We look forward to helping more students attend this conference in the future.